Minna Tägil Montréal

25 juli 2022

Minna Tägil skrev på sin Facebook

”Two weeks ago, I got back from Montréal, Canada and Lachine International Vocal Academy. For nearly three weeks I had the privilege to work with a team of remarkable teachers, singers and pianists from all over the world.I am extremly grateful that I was granted a scholarship, André Turp Bursary presented by the Lachine International Vocal Academy Foundation. André Turp was an excellent tenor with an impressive career which I admire. It is an honor to be the first one ever to recieve this newly established scholarship. It means a lot to me, and will contribute to my career going forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!My last day in Canada, I had the honor to sing at a concert with the brilliant baritones François Le Roux and Wolfgang Holzmair. I sang the duet ”Ich wollt meine Lieb ergösse sich” by Felix Mendelssohn with Mr Holzmair and ”Was weinst du Blümlein” by Clara Schumann. Olivier Godin played the piano extraordinary as always. It was amazing to get the opportunity to sing such wonderful music with one of the worlds leading singers and experts on german lieder. Thank you Wolfgang for inviting me to this concert!I also had the pleasure to sing in a masterclass held by my singing teacher, professor Lena Hellström-Färnlöf. It was an excellent masterclass which took off in scandinavian music with focus on vocal technique. As always, I Ieave Lenas classes with even more knowledge about my singing than I had before, and it was great to experience that again on this masterclass.A big thank you to all of the teachers on the Academy for sharing your endless knowledge during these weeks: Richard Turp, Liz Upchurch, Olivier Godin, Wolfgang Holzmair, François Le Roux and Lena Hellström-Färnlöf. All in all, a great experience in Lachine, Montréal. I’ve been back in Sweden for a while now and I will give some concerts here before I’m going to France and Francis Poulenc Académie in August. I’m looking forward to dive deep into french mélodie before I will begin the Chamber Opera Program at The Academy of Music and opera, Mälardalen university this fall.”

Om Lena Helltröm-Färnlöf, en av Sveriges främsta sångpedagoger:

Utbildad vid Operahögskolan i Stockholm och Musikhögskolan i Göteborg. Sjungit allt ifrån tidig medeltidsmusik till ultramodern nyskriven i små och stora konstellationer, opera, barnopera, kammarmusik, solist med orkestrar, solist i sakrala verk både i Sverige och utomlands.

Efter många år i branschen, först som student, sedan ute på fältet som konsert- och operasångerska ägnar sig Lena nu sig exklusivt åt sångundervisning.

Professor  och excellent teacher, undervisar professionella sångare och studenter i alla röstfack, ger regelbundet masterclasses nationellt och internationellt.

Agerar ofta sakkunnig i jurys och är artistisk rådgivare i agenturen Good Company.

Lena  är en uppskattad konferenciär i konsert och operasammanhang.